131 Stedman Street, Units 9 & 10


Chelmsford, MA 01824 U.S.A.


Job Title:
Imam/Community Leader

Islamic Society of Greater Lowell (ISGL) is looking for an experienced and qualified Imam who will provide moral, religious & spiritual guidance to the community and who will also be a strong community leader with the capability and creativity of inspiring and developing strong Islamic community. He will have the vision and the enthusiasm to promote Islamic unity & brotherhood and establish programs and activities to support the community, especially, the youths and sisters. He will have strong commitment to ethics and integrity and he will lead by example and act in accordance with the Quran and Sunnah.


  • The Imam shall lead prayers (Five daily prayers, Jum’ah, Eid & Taraweeh - if Hafiz of Qur’an) and give khutbas (Jum’ah & Eid). In his absence, Imam shall co-ordinate or arrange someone else for these duties.
  • The Imam shall perform and/or co-ordinate all the religious services like Nikahs, Funerals etc.
  • Imam shall develop and implement educational programs for the community, especially, for the youths and sisters. This includes conducting Halaqas, Qur’an classes and helping Sunday School.
  • Imam shall provide counseling and guidance services to the community if and when needed.
  • Imam shall participate in the community activities (like working with Inter-Faith organizations, hospitals, schools etc.) and shall interact with all persons and organizations, both Muslim and non-Muslim, in a manner that reflects positively on the Masjid and that promotes good interfaith and public relations for Islam and Muslims.
  • The imam shall conduct himself at all times in ways that foster unity and a sense of inclusion among all members and masaajid of the local Muslim community, and promote broad participation in Islamic and community activities.
  • The imam shall not discriminate on the basis of madhab, gender, race, nationality, ethnic origin, citizenship, political affiliation, or economic status.
  • The imam shall conduct himself at all times in a manner that is respectful of the history and diversity of the local Muslim community and must show sensitivity to the needs of the local population.


  • Must be an Islamic Scholar (A’alim) with a degree in Islamic Studies from a recognized Islamic institution.
  • Excellent Tajweed skills and correct recitation of the Qur’an is a must. Hafiz-ul-Qur’an will be a plus.
  • Must have knowledge of Fiqh. Knowledge of differences/comparison between different Madhabs is preferred.
  • Must have skills and experience of delivering motivational and inspirational Khutbas and Halaqas.
  • Must have skills and experience in family counseling, youth counseling and performing services like Nikah, Funeral etc.
  • Must be fluent in English. Fluency in Arabic will be a plus.
  • Must have excellent interpersonal, communication and judgment skills, and the ability to work with individuals from diverse backgrounds and different age groups.
  • Must have skills and experience in inspiring, motivating and interacting/connecting with youths and understanding and addressing the challenges faced by them.
  • Must be comfortable in participating in the community activities (like working with Inter-Faith organizations, hospitals, schools etc.) and in interacting with all persons and organizations.
  • Must be US citizen or permanent resident and born and/or raised in USA.

Salary & Benefits:
Salary and other benefits are negotiable based on experience and qualification.

About Islamic Society of Greater Lowell (ISGL):
ISGL was established in 1994 to serve the Muslim community of Merrimac Valley area in Massachusetts and the surrounding Sothern New Hampshire area. The ISGL community consists of people from various different countries, ethnicities and Madhabs. Besides daily prayers, Jum’ah and Sunday School, ISGL provides many other services to the community like nikhas, funerals, religious education for adults and children, interfaith participation, financial help for the needy etc.

How to apply:
Please email your résumé to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .



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Effective from 11/21/2015 to 11/27/2015

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